Why Vaccines are Important?

It’s a shame for mankind that even after years of the discovery of the polio vaccination, kids limp and can’t stand erect because they are not timely vaccinated. Is this sheer ignorance? Does it not reflect the level of consciousness and concern on this issue to be so poor? In earlier days, people suffering from polio, mumps and dying of meningitis and measles were frequently detected. In most cases the fatality occurred due to lack of treatment because no specific medication was available. Why now?

Innovation in vaccines
Medical Science through its years of research and discovery has made successful achievements in bringing out vaccinations for the most critical diseases. Children are given the vaccinations to fight against the following major diseases.

  • Polio
  • Diphtheria
  • Measles
  • Tetanus
  • Tuberculosis
  • Whooping cough

In the new millennium there has been introduction of another important vaccine along with the routine ones. The American Academy of Pediatrics has strongly suggested pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) for children to prevent them from meningitis, blood infection and bacteremia.

The doses thereby recommended have been scheduled at various stages of the first year of the baby from birth. The first dose is to be given after two months followed at the fourth month. Then you need to vaccinate your baby in the sixth month, twelfth month and fifteenth month.

Significance of vaccination
Is there any case of small pox still prevalent on earth? It’s a big NO. Eradication of small pox from this world is one of the biggest achievements of vaccination. Do you still need to vaccinate your kids then? Of course, yes. Why?

  • Vaccination helps in prevention but not complete cure. If your baby is vaccinated, there remains hardly any probability of getting infected by the disease.
  • Vaccination cannot wipe out the germs or microbial factors that cause the mentioned diseases. What it does is increase the immunity of your body and makes it enable to resist the attacks of those diseases.
  • Here is something to give you a live consequence of the comeback of a disease that had been checked through vaccination. When Soviet Union broke up and formed small independent states, the biggest crisis that hit during the early years of 1990s was the diphtheria epidemic. Thousands of men, women and children were infected and the fatality rate increased immensely. This makes it clear that a vaccination is prevention and not a cure.

Vaccination is a must
It is an all-time favorite saying that has always proved to be true. Prevention is truly better than cure.

  • The possibility of eradicating the cause of the disease may be little. But through vaccines you can prevent and create barrier for the disease that disturbs your immune system.
  • Here is a simple calculation. If every individual is vaccinated for a particular disease in a particular region, will that disease be able to spread out over there? This is what had exactly happened with small pox.
  • If you are still a believer of the wrong notions associated with vaccination, you are befooling yourself and putting your child’s life at risk.
  • Always remember what the World Health Organization had stated in the beginning of this new millennium, “In the 21st century, it is every child’s right to live free from vaccine-preventable disease.”