What Are The Risks Involved in Riding Cycles?

Most kids love to get a bicycle as the birthday gift at the age of six or seven. They learn cycling very fast and this becomes the popular playing event in the evenings. The transition from a child’s plaything to a useful transport happens when the child enters into the teenage world.

  • At the age of 14-15, a child rides on the cycle to reach the school.
  • Cycle becomes a necessary vehicle to travel on your own to different coaching classes scheduled for the whole day.
  • Riding on a bicycle helps the child to reach a place faster and by easier means.
  • Helping out in certain works in the household like shopping articles etc. can be easily done by your kid if he/she knows cycling.

So bicycle has a lot advantages apart from a regular exercising tool and a plaything. But there are risk factors in cycle riding and little children easily fall prey for it. Accidents, mishaps and bicycle injuries among children are very common. But things take a tragic turn if the accident is a major one and sometimes fatal.

Injuries now and often
Children within ten don’t have enough balance on the cycle and they love the thrill of picking up high speed. As a consequence they hit those things that come on their way and finally fall down from the cycle. The intensity of injury depends on the force of striking with another object and losing control.

Injuries can be

  • a scratch on the knee
  • breaking of a leg
  • wound in the elbow
  • injury on head
  • excessive bleeding can lead to hemorrhage
  • even death if the cycle hits a heavy-loaded vehicle

Causes Common
The common mistake children often make is violating the traffic signs and signals.

  • Every kid who rides on a cycle must be given a clear idea about the traffic signs.
  • They should learn to follow the signals and move on their cycles accordingly.
  • Speeding up at blind turns is very risky. This must be stopped.
  • Check every direction before you leap at crossing and turning points. The child must practice this habit while riding a bicycle.

Main Road Accidents
When your child is learning to ride a cycle keep him/her under a close track so that the kid doesn’t take a turn to the main road. Once they are acquainted with the busy traffic and have developed a confidence of riding then they can be left alone. Primary causes of road accidents faced by a cyclist are

  • Not following the signals and rushing across the driveways.
  • The left and the right must be checked in turns before crossing the road when you are on a cycle.
  • Drop the idea of overtaking in the busy traffic when on the main road. Ultimately most accidents are due to this unwanted intention of speeding up.
  • When the light gets low or it is dark, put on the headlight of your cycle and make use of reflectors so that others can track your presence on the road. If you are mixed in the dark, you will be easily smashed without any prior notice.

Basic habits
Gift your child a bicycle but also develop the correct attitude to ride on it.

  • Initially compel your kid to wear the helmet while riding and transform it into a habit.
  • Find out yourself that young children are abiding by the traffic rules.
  • Be their role models in following these basic habits. They will understand the essence by watching you doing those.