Violence in School

Does your kid often narrate about such incidents taking place in school?

  • Things begin with fun.
  • Slowly an argument develops and that may take the shape of a conflict.
  • The conflict further instigates a fight or quarrel.
  • The boys start hitting each other and injure themselves.
  • Ultimately the fun soars down to bitter experience of violence.

This is a common picture of student-life during the school days. Things initially cool down when one wins over the other. But the race is on. The next day may be the loser’s turn to overtake.

Responsibility of school authority
There are notorious students in school who create disturbances both in the class and at play. Some children carry weapons in their book pockets such as penknives, razors and blades. The school authority has to be strict about these students and take necessary actions against them. So that, they do not cause any violence in school.

  • No child is ill-mannered right from birth. There are several reasons behind their misbehaviors. A good teacher should always try to find out the reasons for such behaviour. A teacher should be well aware of the child’s psychology and try to identify the cause for the child’s mental disturbance. The most notorious child can really become the best student of the school with little efforts.
  • Whenever you get complaints against the fellow, get alert to take action against him/her. Warn the child and make the fellow feel that he/she was wrong.
  • The final step rests in the hands of the school administration. If a child is a persistent threat to the school environment and spread violence, the authority is bound to expel such a candidate from the registration list of the school.

Parent care
Though the chaos takes place at school, its roots might be at home.

  • Education begins at home. Parents have to take great care during the transition phases like teenage and adult age. These are the junctures of making and breaking of a child’s character and persona.
  • The aggressiveness and violence could also arise out of rage against their parents.

You can regard it as a universal feature of child’s psychology. Children of strict parents are generally introverts but once they start enjoying freedom, they develop a tendency of misusing it. At home they remain calm and silent but in disguise. They come out of their shells at school. Problems begin right there.

Counseling to combat with violence
Students violent in nature need regular counseling. When guardians fail to convince the kid or bring the child under control, help from professional child counselors must be taken.

  • Counseling should be communicative and allow the children to express freely.
  • The root of their problems should be discovered and judged.
  • If they are suffering from some kind of depression, they should be helped to come out of such despair.
  • Shower love on the child and deal things without harshness. Things might take time but will definitely take a positive turn.