Types of Baby Cries and Speech Milestones

At first your babyai??i??s cries and burps relate only to how he is feeling, whether he is hungry, tired, needs a fresh nappy change or has too much wind. At this time, your response teaches him that cries can bring you to react to his needs. Then, he begins to use crying to express specific needs.

Types of Baby Cries

  • Birth cry- two gasps followed by a wail that lasts one second.
  • Basic cry- loud cry followed by silence, whistling in-breath and a pause, sometimes accompanied by sucking movements.
  • Pain cry- loud, long, shrill cry followed by long breath-holding silence and short whimpers. Baby tenses facial muscles, frowns and clenches fists.
  • Anger cry- prolonged breath out followed immediately by an exasperated wail.

Your first conversations with the baby are all about kindness, reassurance and making him feel safe. They encourage your baby to focus on what you are saying and then try and copy them to talk back with you.

Baby talking milestones in first year

  • Cooing after 6 weeks
  • Babbling from 6 months
  • Begin to use specific sounds in specific contexts, for example ai???woofai??? for all animals
  • By 9 months understand ai???noai??? and ai???byeai???
  • Bye age 1, recognize some words and respond to requests such as ai???clap your handsai???, may speak one or two words.

Child talking milestones in second year

  • Use strings of sounds that gradually become recognizable words
  • Try to combine words into phrases and sentences
  • Can understand more than they can say and will hand over familiar objects on request
  • Begins to understand verbs such as ai???runai??? and adjectives such as ai???littleai???
  • Child talking milestones in three to four years:
  • Talks fluently. Refers to past and future events. Understands color and size.

Child talking milestones in four to five years

  • Intelligible speech except for occasional errors
  • Uses questions
  • Can understand a story or tell one
  • Understands abstract words such as ai???alwaysai???