TV Viewing Among Children

Television has become the past-time for children these days. Many parents do not favor this habit of theirs as it keeps them away from many other socially productive activities. The mass appeal that television has, it has attracted childrens’ attention as well, and most children after coming back from school spend hours watching it. Obvioulsy. under such circumstances it has become the study of many educationists, sociologists and psychologists as it influences the minds of the future generation.

Is T.V worth watching for Children?
Television provides instant entertainment for children in the vicinity of their homes. They need not pay for it and can watch films free of cost. Their favorite programmes are cartoons and movies. After hard work at school, they relax at home watching T.V. Apart from entertainment , T.V. is also of educational value for them. Programmes on various subjects are shown, starting from science to history. These young minds learn a lot from these programmes.Ai?? One can say T.V. complements books. Pictographical representations help a child to understand better.

Positive Effects of T.V on Children:

  • enhances knowledge, awareness
  • develops curiousity in them
  • provides full length coverage of events for children to understand better
  • pictures explain better
  • both audio-visual presentation
  • varied choices of programmes
  • can be watched ata convenient hour
  • can be watched with family
  • viewing at home and not elsewhere
  • information free of cost
  • more exposure to life

Negative Effectis of T.V. on Children

  • too much entertainment at the expense of knowledge
  • lack of physical acitivity
  • bad for the eyes
  • less reading habits
  • less socializing
  • generates violence in the young minds
  • too much exposure to sex
  • not regulated information
  • reduces communication within a family
  • less concentration on studies

How to regulate T.V. watching among children?

  • Encourage the watching of quality programs,preferably educational
  • Regulate the time spent in watching T.V. Maintain a balance between studies and T.V. watching
  • Set an example in front of your children by you yourself spending less time and watching good program
  • Create hobbies for yourself and for children like outdoor games, painting, reading etc.
  • Television viewing can be used as a reward for doing a chore or completing homework
  • Give proper reasons for turning off the T.V. and sufficient time
  • Encourage watching at the same time discourage over-watching
  • Do not allow late hour watching
  • Structure the time spent in front of T.V.

Parents have become very aware about their children watching too much T.V. these days. They read a lot of information on it and try to incorporate it in their personal lives. They realise it is a medium that cannot be avoided.