Tips to Prevent and Treat Animal Bites in Children

Dogs and cats can be great companions for your kids, but they are never safe from their paws. Scratches and bites from family pets can cause serious injuries to your children. All animal bites and scratches should be treated immediately. The severity of an animal bite however, depends on the type of the wound.

Tips to treat a bitten wound:

  • A fresh and open wound needs to be washed immediately with water
  • Seek medical care
  • Report the bite to a local animal authority

Home remedies for animal bites:

  • Dab the infected area with apple cider vinegar
  • Give vitamin B to produce antibodies to fight the infection
  • Apply antibiotic ointment on the affected area, twice daily till it is completely healed
  • Ibuprofen gel works well for pain and swelling
  • Take one teaspoon of basil leaf juice and drink with water. You can also apply this externally on the bitten area.
  • Apply aloe vera on the affected area
  • Take half a teaspoon of ground black cumin seeds twice daily on the wound

Tips to prevent animal bites: The best way to prevent such an event is to instruct your kids about the fears of being bitten by pets and stray animals. Follow these tips to reduce the chances of your kid being bit by an animal:

  • Tell your children never to disturb an animal when it is eating something
  • Also instruct your children to never take out a toy or bone from a dogai??i??s mouth
  • Show your kids how to pet an animal and not to provoke it by pulling its ears or teasing it in anyway
  • Tell them never to sneak on pets as they can turn defensive and hurt them
  • Show your children how to observe body language
  • Instruct your kids to never put their hands into a dogai??i??s pen
  • Tell them to go close to animals when they are engaged in a fight
  • Teach your children to wash their hands and body after playing with pets and animals
  • Discourage your children from letting pets lick their face
  • Tell your parents to always ask the ownerai??i??s permission to play with their pets

Pets are always very close to human beings. Three important instructions for you to follow so as to guard your children against any harm caused by them:

  • Teach your pet the art of obedience
  • Never leave your child alone with your pets
  • Have your pets licensed and immunized against rabies and other diseases
  • Always keep your pets fenced or within a confined territory

Teaching or instructing children about the ferocity of animals should not be a threatening experience for your children. Tell them that animals are friendly and faithful creatures, but they need to be treated with caution and kindness.