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Importance and Definition of Child Psychology

Psychological development in a human being is a dynamic process which begins at birth and matures through a series of sequential stages resulting in specific […]

How to Prevent Pneumonia in Kids

The common cold is the most likely cause of pneumonia. Pneumonia was first described by Hippocrates. According to WHO, pneumonia is the major cause of […]

Apraxia In Children

Apraxia is a health disorder found in children and can affect a childai??i??s limbs, oral movements and speech. This health disorder is hard to diagnose […]

Lethargy in Children

Children are usually full of energy and very active. But there is a general complaint by some parents that their children are lethargic. Lethargy in […]

Round Crib Mattress

While purchasing baby cribs, round baby cribs are in fashion nowadays, because they are more stylish and modern as compared to the traditional baby cribs. […]

Excessive Thirst in Children

The amount of water intake in children is different from adults. Also, the frequency of water intake can vary among children. In order to understand […]

Mood Swings in Children

Mood swings in children occur often with little notice. Children are learning to express and manage their emotions, and mood swings are a normal part […]

Anise Seed Water for Babies

There are various other names for anise seeds like Aniseed or Pimpernel seeds which are obtained fromAi??Pimpinella anisum, belonging to parsley family. Anise seeds are […]

Dealing with Autistic Children

Dealing with children who are autistic can be an extremely challenging task. Caretakers and parents of autistic children often spend more time withthem controlling their […]

Social Skills Activities for Kids

In some children, social skills can come naturally, but some have to struggle hard to develop them. If you find that your child has trouble […]