Child Sleep Problems

Sleep problem is a universal feature in every household where there are toddlers. The child wakes up at night, wets the beds, cries out in fear and above all putting the baby to sleep really make it tough for parents to sleep well at night. And the most frustrating part lays in the fact that in spite of all possible efforts, the infant continues to face sleeping problems. Neither the parents nor the children find sleeping to be a good and healthy experience.

What is the right time to sleep for your child?
For the infants, the right bedtime depends on an adjustment of their sleeping habit. When they are preschoolers gradually an exact time is scheduled for sleep that finally takes a definite shape when they are school children

  • Among very little children till they are three to four, there is a concept of natural bedtime. This is actually the child’s very own schedule of being awake and remaining asleep.
  • When the bedtime for this age group is to be fixed, you ought to find out the longest time schedule when the baby loves to remain in sleep and vice versa. Initially, this might not go with your timings but you’ll have to adjust with the baby.
  • Once you are confident about the sleeping hours, regulate the schedule with an extension on both sides.
  • For example, you find your baby asleep by ten at night and wake up at seven in the morning. What you can do is start putting the child on bed by 9.30 and slowly you reduce half an hour in the morning. On the other hand it can be half an hour late and one hour extension in the wake-up time. Flexibility of 1-2 hours should be there for the preschoolers. Gradually put off this extended schedule when they grow up.

Problems differ with age
As stated earlier regarding the selection of bedtime you will always have to adjust it according to the age. Similarly sleep problems have to be sort out largely depending on the age.

  • A newborn baby sleeps more than remaining awake. Still there is a problem in the continuity of their sleep. The reasons for such breaks have to be detected by the parents.
  • The possible reasons are empty stomach, wet bed or diapers and some frightening dream. You may feel sorry for these tiny tots because they can’t relate to any of these problems on their own, save from crying out in the middle of sleep.
  • Such consequences won’t be faced in case of toddlers or those children who are a little older. Rather they are incapable of relating when they want to sleep or more specifically when should they go to bed. It is your duty to understand the child’s activities and when he or she really is lagging energy to fall asleep. Fix up the routine accordingly and try to develop the habit in the little boy or girl.

Provide your baby with comfortable sleeping surroundings and develop the sleeping habits from the very nascent stage. Sleep problems will remain no issue once your child follows the right way.