Sex Education

It’s pretty tough to introduce the world of biological difference and sexuality just at the age of 3-4. But this cannot be totally ignored by parents. Recurring news of sexual abuse on toddlers and young children is indeed alarming. How can you prevent your little ones from this menace? Teach them; give them the right sex education step-by-step from the very beginning.

The first few years
If you go by the Freudian way of sexual psychology, different feelings related to sexual orientation are already there right from childhood.

  • At a very tender age of 3-4 itself children begin to identify the difference between the genitals of boys and girls.
  • The sexual difference leads to a consciousness of gender identification. This happens when a child reaches the age of 5-6. Boys and girls form different groups or teams at play.
  • The curiosity about the opposite sex in some way triggers from the age of six. This is the time you must allow your kids to open up with their curious questions regarding child birth and all.
  • It’s your turn to handle the thing with cautiousness and relate the story as lucidly as you can. But see that they are not misinformed.

Before puberty
Biologically the changes begin at puberty. The state of puberty is a turning point in everyone’s life. Let your kid not face an all of a sudden jerk at the age of 12-13. Educate the child with the preliminary ideas related to sexual life.

  • Identification of sexual organs and distinction between males and females in their biological orientation.
  • The biggest change in human bodies both in a man and a woman at the onset of puberty and how to cope with them.
  • For girls, understanding the importance of menstrual cycle is primary. That doesn’t mean boys are to remain unaware.
  • Open the secret of masturbation and self pleasure techniques and teach them the right way of practice.
  • Let them understand the joy of privacy and give them a separate space to dwell in. They should be given a separate room by this time.

Building consciousness

  • Both boys and girls should know how a baby is born. Briefings regarding conjugation and sexual intercourse should always be given without any hesitation. The more you hide, the more you instigate the curiosity in these young minds.
  • Make them aware of the sexually transmitted diseases with special emphasis on AIDS. This is not a matter of shame but a matter of responsiveness.
  • Guide your kids to distinguish right from wrong. This will definitely reduce the scope falling into a bad trap and taking a wrong step.

Right approach
As guardians you must never define things wrongly from the beginning. If you want to avoid a part for the time being, take a safe stance and divert your kid’s inquisitiveness in a different direction without scolding or shouting at the little one. Show respect to their queries and with time give them the comprehensive idea of sexuality before they experience it.