Preparing for School

When it is time for kids to get back to school, it can often pose a problem for parents. Some might recline to go and some might just make a fuss to get back to school. It is almost the time for the kids to return to classes. After the hectic summer holidays, preparing for school is a difficult task. Kids enjoy sports like playing in the sun, or just hanging out with their friends during vacation.

The change in routine
Children should be put into the habit of getting into a routine a couple of weeks before the school starts. this will help them get accustomed to the new routine. Diet is important in this aspect. Junk food, especially food stuff which is greasy or overly sweet like ice cream or doughnuts should not be given to children. These foods can frequently cause indigestion and nightmares. Children should also avoid anything containing caffeine. These includes soft drinks and chocolate bars. These things should be avoided, especially in the evening. Caffeine can cause insomnia and hamper sleep.

Sleeping time
You also need to set a definite sleep time for kids. They need to have at least 8-10 hours of sleep. You should decide on the bedtime hour depending on the amount of sleep needed. This will help the children get at an appropriate scheduled time. You should turn off video games and television an hour before the child has to go to sleep. If children are playing in the outdoors and are involved in sports or strenuous play, they should come indoors.

To make them sleep, a snack of milk and a cookie, or crackers and cheese or honey will help. This can help the children sleep. Shortly before bedtime, a warm bath can help them put to sleep. After the snack and bath, children can settle down with a book. Parents can help children read a book if they are too young.

They should sleep at the correct time. Now you should set them to a routine. When the school days arrive, they will have ample rest and can be ready to tackle the return to classes far more easily.

A lot of the stress and anxiety can be avoided or decreased between parents and children if parents prepare themselves and their children for the upcoming new school year. One of the most important things is to find out what your child expects and what the specific challenges are for your children in the upcoming year. By knowing these challenges, your child will be facing and discussing some issues before hand with you. You can understand their problems and make them prepared for that. The more prepared the child is, the less surprises there will be for the child and he or she can be well prepared before the school commences.