Physical Exercise for Kids

The charm of life rests in your well being. If you stay fit, fine and healthy, you will surely enjoy the life to the most. Being physically fit is a real boon.

Every individual should try to remain fit and healthy life long. Body fitness has much to do with physical exercise. And the habit of doing physical exercise cannot be inculcated in a day. The orientation to physical exercise and fitness must begin right at childhood.

For kids it won’t be shaking off the blues at a gym but playing soccer, basketball and baseball in the playground.

BenefitsAi??of Regular Exercise
Exercising makes you more energetic. Children develop spontaneity in activities and they are always in their highest spirit.

  • Physical exercise keeps away obesity in children
  • Builds muscular strength and mighty bones
  • Defends disease like type 2 diabetes and controls cholesterol
  • Helps in overall growth and strength

Schedule of Exercising
The practical part of physical exercise has to be maintained in a proper and regular schedule. Children do have a specific hour of playing and doing exercises. Therefore guide your kids in a routine way to play and practice exercises.

  • A school-going kid must play at least for an hour daily. Along with playing soccer or any other game, jogging and aerobics can be regularly done. If your child is unable to practice for a stretch of time, the exercise schedule can be divided into fifteen minutes or half an hour.
  • A preschool child must be allowed to play freely for one hour on regular basis. If the kid wants to play more, always encourage. As per the guidelines of National Association for Sport and Physical Education the preschool children should go for a scheduled exercise for one hour apart from running and playing.
  • Those who are really toddlers to make out difference between exercising and playing, you must allow them to play as their wish for more than an hour regularly. Actually they don’t play systematically. Try to build in them from this tender age at least a regular play time for one and a half hours.

Practical Participation
You are aware of the advantages of physical exercises in your kid’s life. Also you know how to allocate hours to gain these benefits. But what can you do practically to help them live fit?

  • Encourage your child to play along with studies. Computer games and television watching have to be cut short. Current researches have found that more young children are becoming inactive and inert due to the TV menace.
  • Children always follow role models. So why don’t you make out some time to play with your kid? You can also fix up a particular schedule of exercising along with your child. This will boost his/her spirit and build a natural instinct to remain fit from the young age itself.
  • Allow your children in different outdoor games. Also admit them to swimming classes, general gymnasium and aerobics. This will help your child even remain mentally fit because the little one will find friends over here and take more interest in these activities.

It is a matter of culture and cultivation. If you as parents can really instigate your children with a proper education of physical exercise from the very beginning, no one can stop them to remain fit. All lethargies and major health ailments will automatically get driven away.