Is Your Child Suffering From Common Cold?

Many people suffer from common colds in day to day life. You children can be more receptive to colds through viruses. Children are more likely to spread germs than adults. This is because they are at a greater risk for contracting a cold due to exposure to many children in their surroundings. You can reduce the possibility of infections in your child by making your child wash hands regularly. You should also teach the child to close its mouth when sneezing.

Colds are more seen in newborn children. By six months, the immunity of the child reduces and they become prone to over 100 cold viruses.

Since children have close contact with their parents, they can get infection from them. Due to colds, the sinus and ear drainage passages and bronchial tubes are easily obstructed by mucus swelling.

How does Common Cold Affect your Child?
Many children are at risk for virus infections. This affects the lower airway like pneumonia and bronchiolitis. It also gives rise to middle ear infection. Sinus development is not complete in children. However, they also develop viral and bacterial sinusitis.
The most important thing you should be doing is to make your children wash their hands. This reduces the chances of infection you should always keep an instant hand sanitizer around.

Your childai??i??s body can become dehydrated fast when they become sick. You can give your child plenty of water. This can make their immune system work at its best.

What are the Measures to Cure and Prevent Cold?
You should also give the correct dosage of medicine: when you are giving medicine for colds, you should read the directions for use to give the correct amount of medicine. Never overmedicate your child. If your child has runny nose and a slight cough, you can avoid giving medicines. Your child should breathe easily. You should avoid an environment with cigarette smoke.

You can also learn to prevent your child from getting common cold.

Colds are nothing but upper respiratory tract infections and this is caused by viruses. Most colds last for a week or two. Some colds can last for a longer period of time. You can recognize the kind of cold and can treat accordingly.

What Symptoms would you Notice?
The first indication of a cold is a congested or runny nose. Other symptoms include stuffy, runny nose, watery eyes, a cough, earache or sore throat. With some common remedial methods, you can cure your children from cold. Young children get colds often. Children get colds fall and winter season. It also happens when children are indoors and in close contact. Children have frequent colds than adults because they do not have the immunity to viruses around them. Children can get viruses from members at home, playmates or caretakers. If you become immune to cold virus, the chances of your children getting colds become less.