Infant Stimulation Activities

It is a recognized fact that the perceptions of the child related to the senses are most ready for stimulation at infancy. Activities to stimulate infants should basically relate to their ability to see, hear and touch. The value of simple activities will help in development of the perceptual skills of the infant. Such activities are of a general nature and may be practiced by anyone anywhere.

For instance, the mother who does not have enough time to spend with the infant otherwise due to pressures of house work can:

  • Talk to the baby while feeding him
  • Make soft sounds
  • Talk about what the baby is doing, simple rhymes, folk songs
  • Put the baby to sleep with a lullaby or song
  • Stroke the baby gently while feeding
  • Name each part of the body while bathing the baby, as the water is poured.
  • Choose any one of three coloured toys. Playai??i?? Do you want red toy.. give me ai??i?? take etc. Make the child sit in her lap if the child needs support.
  • Tie a ball to a string. Make it like a string puppet. Hold the ball at a short distance away from the eyes of the baby and let it move forward and backward. As it moves say ai??? forward to you, and backward to meai??i??ai???. After some time hide the object and see if the child looks for it: ai???Where has the ball gone?ai??? followed by ai??? here we found it..clapai???
  • Encourage the child to look for sounds
  • A cotton ball may be used to roll, throw and hold. The ball is light and would not go too far and the child can easily crawl towards it to get it back.

In doing these activities make sure that an activity never becomes a command. It should be a joyful experience and encourage the child to respond on his own.