Infant Signing – Learn How to Communicate With Your Kid

You want to talk with your baby, but your baby cannot. Your baby tries to communicate with you only through some hand movements and some signs, which you cannot understand. In fact, your baby cannot speak till 12-24 months of age. Then how you can manage talking to your kid? Only one way, teach your kids some signs and gestures to communicate with you.

You may think that teaching your kids signs and gestures may deter or delay the speaking in your kid. But, actually, infant signing encourages your kid to start speaking early. It improves the communication abilities or skills in your kid. Research studies also suggest that infant signing can boost the IQ in your baby.

Here we give you some tips and ideas to teach your kid how to use signs to communicate

  • When to begin
    You can start teaching your baby to communicate with signs at any time. Your child will develop an interest to understand and repeat using your hand movements. But, only at around 10months of age motor skills of your child mature. So, you can expect your child to sign back only at that time.
  • What to begin with
    Begin with the words and actions your child can easily understand and shows interest in. This makes your beginning job easier.
  • Use words whenever you sign
    Along with the sign also speak related word. This helps your baby recognize both the word and the related action, and can start speaking.
  • Repeat both the word and sign
    Whenever you try to communicate, repeat both the word and the sign. This helps your child recognize and relate both very easily. As you use many words in a day, this repetition helps your child recognize words easily. And, your baby learns signing back to you.
  • Make infant signing your daily routine
    Teaching your kids how to use signs is not one-day affair. Make it a daily routine for your child to learn faster.
  • Get the attention of your baby
    You can get your babyai??i??s attention you can use both verbal and non-verbal signs. You can wave your hands or some objects in front of your baby and ask him/her to look at you. You can also tap, rub or touch your baby. Your baby may understand the sign though he/she may not pay attention. But, itai??i??s good if your baby pays attention so that your baby can learn signs quickly.
  • Visuals speak better
    Visuals communicate things in a better way, especially if they are combined with words. You can use real object to communicate. Otherwise use a toy to represent a thing or some picture to represent an action.
  • Listen to your child
    Wait for your child to respond to what you said or showed. At least wait for a minimum of 20 seconds. This makes your baby know that you are waiting for his/her response and inviting for a conversation. And, be sure that your baby responds back when he/she is listening and caring about them.

Follow the above tips to communicate effectively with your kid. Do remember – infant signing in fact helps your kid start speaking early.