How to Save Children From Poisoning?

Kids love to play with anything and everything they get in front of their hands. Some of the of the playing tools unfortunately turn out to be deadly, say for a bottle of home cleaning phenyl or simply a diet pill. In fun and play, they taste these things and severely fall ill. Sometimes the consequences are fatal. How do such mishaps take place? What are the steps to be taken for prevention?

Poison at Home
Definitely you are not going to keep poison and something venomous at home. But there are many such things in the household which have toxic effects. The kids are unaware of this fact and eat or swallow them. Sometimes licking certain things start showing reaction in the body. Children become the worst victims if these toxic substances are not kept away from the child’s reach.

Medicines Mistaken as Chocolates

  • Iron and vitamin capsules for adults are very toxic for children. If an overdose takes place, things won’t take time to worsen. Permanent damage of liver and intestinal part can be the ultimate consequence.
  • Antidepressant pills, diet pills, heart and BP medicines should never be taken before the eyes of small kids. They are very curious and will copy the action in real terms when they get hold of such pills. Their life will be put at risk if things turn out to be so.
  • Never ever tell your kids that the medicines are nothing but another form of chocolates. The reason may be you want to make them have their dose but this is picked up as the ultimate truth by their innocent understanding. They will practically do it with high dose medicines not meant for them.

High Toxic Chemicals in Home Cleaners
Storing of home cleaners, different types of polishing and burnishing chemicals and fuels like kerosene, petrol etc, have to be done very cautiously. Keep the mouths of those bottles tightly closed and under locks if possible. By no means, your kid should have the provision of coming in contact with such elements.

  • Bleaching powder and ammonia can completely mutilate human tissues. Inhaling those has ill effects in the body of adults. Guess what would happen to a kid then?
  • Bath soaps and dishwasher soaps cannot be always kept under cover. But they too a very dangerous for kids. Eye burns are the most common problem faced and if by any chance the child desires to taste the thing, he/she will immediately suffer from vomits and stomach ailments. Alkalis present in these detergents burn the stomach cells.
  • Similar is in case of pesticides. Direct inhalation will lead to breathing troubles.

Everything depends on your alertness till your baby is capable of understanding the inhibitions on touching and handling these things. But once the child reaches the age of 5-6, try to make them understand that they are not supposed to handle these toxic things. Use fear factor wherever necessary.

Cleanliness is Must
When little kids are at home, parents have to pay more attention to the cleanliness of the household.

  • Don’t leave stray things here and there. Children have a tendency to put everything in their mouth.
  • Make safety stores and wracks where the kids can never reach.
  • Practice cleaning habits and keep the child’s area well-protected without any unwanted thing occupying that space.
  • Follow these basic guidelines and protect your baby from poisonous and toxic elements. Build a safe environment for your child’s well being.