How to Prevent Your Child From Burns?

Research proves that two year old babies cannot differentiate between hot and cold. But can you stop him/her from experiencing the sensation and pain?

  • The touch of any hot object will make the little one cry out.
  • Similarly the kids will feel the chilling shiver if an ice cube comes in contact with their body.

As they grow up, they are able to make out the distinctions between the causes. They start identifying the objects which give them a hot or a cold feel. But you will always have to be careful that they don’t meet with accidents especially with excessive heat and fire.

Never neglect a spark

  • Hot objects and fire are really dangerous and can cause disasters within moments.
  • It is completely your responsibility to prevent your kids from playing with fire. A spark neglected burns the house.
  • It might be shocking; but at the same time, it is a real fact that hundreds of houses are put on fire because children unknowingly light up matchsticks and play with lighters.
  • Don’t leave burning cigarettes open. Children are more curious about such things and because of such a simple carelessness, a spark from a cigarette could break into a wild fire.

Precautions at home

What are the dangerous zones at home where a fire can break out? Electrical appliances and various home gadgets are the major things to put the house on fire. Kids at home have to be prohibited from handling those things at any cost.

  • Keep the child away from hot water and also from the device to heat up the water. Keep the temperature of the thermostat within the limits of 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This mild heat is suitable for the child’s skin.
  • The electrical circuits must run under a preventing sealing. No such device or connections are to be kept open that can give an electric shock or burn your kid.
  • Electrical iron is another major source of causing burns. Always remember to unplug the iron after you have pressed your clothes. One more caution note regarding this appliance is that put it in a safe corner not within the reach of your child after use. The iron cords must be kept hidden.
  • Scalds can occur in the internal part of the body as well. Especially very hot food will burn mouth and tongue. Therefore be very careful while feeding your child and check the temperature of the food before serving.

Safety always

  • In the case of very little kids, parents have to be carreful with their movements and see to it that they don’t touch anything that could burn them.
  • When the children learn that certain things are dangerous and can cause pain and bruises, it becomes the firat safety tip.
  • Match boxes, candles and lighters are not playthings but have different uses. They can cause fire which is dangerous. Begin the first safety lessons by explaining this to your child.

Gradually the children will understand and be cautious with fire. But accidents don’t knock before coming. So you will have to try your level best to safeguard your children from any such mishaps.