How to Prepare Your Child for Injection?

The prick of the needle in any part of the body is painful. We, the adults, keep our eyes closed or murmur a prayer while taking injections. Some of us even yell making a noise of pain. Think of the babies then. Tears come out of mother’s eyes when she finds her little kid screaming and crying as soon as the injection needle is pierced into the tender skin. After reaching the age of 3-4, injections become a nightmare for children.

Aspects of Preparation Before Injecting
The child has to be prepared in two aspects before being injected.

  • The physical aspect
  • The psychological aspect

The kid has to be physically fit to take the dose if you are injecting a vaccination. And if the injection is a medicine for certain disease, prior checkups and the right diagnosis are required to make sure that the injection is suitable.

The psychological preparation is a huge domain and needs your cent percent attention and involvement when the child is being injected.

The First two Years of Injection
The baby at this stage doesn’t know what an injection is but the pain of the prick will be immense.

  • The foremost problem you will face is holding the baby in the correct posture when the injection is to be given. The muscle has to be kept tight to detect the vein’s location and simultaneously the baby cries at the top of the voice.
  • You will have to distract the baby’s attention with some toy. Make different noises the child is familiar with and engage the little one to find out from which direction it is coming.
  • Always keep chocolates and candies the child loves to lick and give it immediately after the injection has been pricked. The diversion of attention will help the baby forget about the pain.
  • Never make the mistake of putting something in the child’s mouth when he/she is being injected. You will welcome another hazard if the food particle gets stuck in the throat.

Reduce the Child’s Anxiety
After reaching 4 or 5, the child very well knows what an injection is. In most cases they run away in fear. It is a common sight in the hospitals that toddlers are being pulled and dragged by attendants and the nurses make eyes to scare them. Finally the kid surrenders but cries like anything even before the injection is pricked.

  • Promise the kid that you will give the best toy if he/she sits silently and take the injection.
  • Never thrash the child because this will make them more arrogant.
  • If the child yells with vigorous movements of hands and legs, try to calm him/her down by convincing that the pain is nothing but a pinch. Once the little kid sits or lies down in a comfortable position, pierce the injection. Some time might get wasted but the pain will be much lesser when the body is at rest while injecting.
  • Wind up the fear factor by telling stories of brave heroes who are not afraid of any thing. Make these heroes your kid’s idol and justify, “if they can fight with demons, can’t you bear this slight pinch of injection?” Once the child is convinced of this fact, your purpose is served.