How to Make Kids Active?

Is your kid a couch potato? This is not just your kid’s problem. Television and video games have turned out to be the biggest cause for deactivating the playing spree in every child.

  • Today’s children are pressurized with mental jugglery that in turn makes them lack the enthusiasm.
  • In this one-way game, the poor little souls are actually becoming victims of many such problems which normally occurred after crossing forty.

This is a big challenge in front of us. Before things really go out of control and the childhood fantasies turn out to be old age problems, let’s reshape the kid’s world and make it a wonderland in true sense. Only then can you encourage the children to be more active.

Create Fun in Everything
Studies on child psychology relate one strong factor that is loved by every kid unanimously. Children are fun lovers. Thus induce fun factor in whatever you want the child to do. The activity level can be propelled if the child loves to do the thing.

  • The first lesson to make your child active is to change your lifestyle, and make it active.
  • Reframe the order of daily activities. Just don’t relate your kids what should be done; instead, set
  • practical examples. If your child finds you climbing the staircase, after a few days he/she too will love to imitate your footsteps instead of taking the elevator.

  • Make exercising schedule more activity oriented with fun and thrill. Give the feel to your child that these activities are much more entertaining than those regular TV soaps and computer games.
  • Involve the entire family in activities like cycling, biking, walks, swimming etc. This instigates your child to interact and act promptly. Gradually you will find that your child takes more interest in these activities.

Never Create Burden
There’s hardly anything that the child doesn’t want to do. Yes one common thing in this unwanted list is homework. Have you ever thought why children hate to do homework? Homework is after all an imposition and a threat to child psychology. It is always associated with punishment. Therefore a child feels it to be a burden. Similarly if you make exercises compulsion for your kid and punish him/her for not doing it properly, it is obvious that the child will find out reasons to escape from doing it.

Stimulate interest in activities

  • As fun is an important criterion in child’s activities, try making it in their very own ways. Play those games which are liked by them such as police and robbers; red and green lights and so on. This is mostly for the kindergarten’s children.
  • At the school level the interest shifts to cricket, soccer, baseball and basketball. Set up a small pitch in your garden and play with the children. Don’t act as a trainer but more as a participant. A child is happy to find his dad as a team member and more if he’s in the opposite team. This boosts more energy in the kid with a sporting spirit and the child learns the rules better.

By now you have at least reached to one conclusion. Making your children active foremost requires your initiative and involvement in their activities. Become real role models for your children and pave the path for them. They will surely follow it.