How Dangerous is Animal Bite?

Animal bites can prove to be really dangerous if not attended with care and attention. In order to prevent animal bites, you should not leave your children unsupervised. This is especially when you have animals around. You should also teach your children not to play or touch animals as this can lead to animal bites.

Symptoms and Cure For Animal Bites
Some stray animals cause some animal bites. However, most children are bitten by their own pets. Some minor wounds which scratch the skin can be treated. This can be done by washing the affected areas with soap and water and also by the application of an antibiotic cream.

For more serious bites, for example, bites that have penetrated the skin, you must go to a doctor. Animal bites which are infected will become red. It will also be tender and have [possibility of having drainage of pus. This can lead to have swollen glands and or fever in your children. For any of these indicated signals, you must go to a doctor.

If it becomes serious, you may need to notify your local animal control department. You may even need to contact the health department to check for any possibility of rabies in your child. Though getting rabies can be rare, your child may be at risk if he is bitten by an immunized dog or cat or by a wild animal. This could include bats, skunks, raccoons or foxes.

An animal bite may not appear to be threatening to life. Howvever, if you leave it untreated, it can lead to serious infection. When there is an animal bite, the wound shoukd be cleaned properly and if any infection is noted, it shoiuld be taken care of immediately.

There are different types of animal bites. One of them is bites from Rabies-Prone Wild Animals. Bites or scratches from animals like bat, skunk, raccoon, fox or wild animal could be dangerous. These animals have the capacity of transmitting rabies even if they have no symptoms. There can be small wild animal bites. These bites can come from rodents like mice, rats, chipmunks, prairie dogs and rabbits. These are free of rabies. There is another type called large pet animal bites. Most of the bites caused are from pets like dogs and cats.

Stray animals always have the risk for rabies. The chief risk in pet bites is wound infection. Cat bites have the tendency to become infected than dog bites.

Another type of bites can be small indoor pet animal bites. Small indoor pets do not pose risk for rabies. You should call the doctor when your child looks very sick or of the child is bleeding for a long time.