Children Having Difficulties in Learning to Communicate

Many children make errors in speech till they are four. It is important that while checking the speech progress of your child, you also focus on the childai??i??s language and the ability to express himself.

Some reasons why children may have difficulties learning to communicate

  • Problems associated with being born prematurely or underweight
  • Inherited specific language difficulties
  • High levels of stress at school or day care
  • Sensory impairment
  • Autistic spectrum disorder
  • Being a twin
  • Dyslexia or dysparaxia
  • Environmental factors such as constant background noise in the house can limit the listening and comprehending power of your child

Ideas to help to test your childai??i??s verbal understanding

2-3Ai?? years: While going out to the playground, ask him to bring his shoes, socks, water bottle, etc.

3-4 years: Ask your child to act out instructions using toys. Include a mix of words such as ai???fast and slowai???, ai???under and overai???, ai???in and outai???. For example, ai???Your ball is going under your blanketai??i??ai???

4-5 years Show pictures of animals and household objects and ask questions. ai???Which animal says woof?ai??? ai???What do you like on your bread?ai???

Asking your child what he likes about his favorite toy is a good way of finding out how well he can express himself.

90 percent of the children are able to say these sounds by the following ages

  • By 3 years: p, m, h, n, w
  • By 4 years: b, k, g, d, f, y
  • By 6 years: t, r, l
  • By 7 years: z
  • By 8 years: s, v, th