Child care: Immediate ways to find your Child

Child abduction and consequences that follow it are on a rampant increase. The Government is doing a lot to manage this crisis, but it is actually the responsibility of the parents to monitor the movements of their child. It may not be appreciated by young adolescents, but it is the safest route to avoid child abductions.

Whenever such a situation arises, it usually leaves the parents panicking. They are obviously gripped with the worst thoughts about their child. Reporting the case to the nearest law enforcement agency would have to be the initial step, but one cannot wait for things to improve, so there are a few immediate ways to deal with the situation yourself.

First three hours of abduction is considered to be crucial to searching. This is supported by statistics which reveal that, about 76.2 percent of abducted children were murdered and dead within three hours. Make sure the law is doing their best to utilize this time, so keep yourself informed with the latest developments of the case.


  • Keep a complete description of your child
  • Keep recently clicked photographs of your child
  • Maintain dental charts of your child with your dentist
  • Keep a track of your childai??i??s medical records
  • Keep a copy of your childai??i??s fingerprints
  • Keep a DNA sample of your child

However, even if the above measures do not help in preventing the abduction of your child, then there are a few tips which could guide you through this difficult time.

Tips to find your child:

  • You must act immediately
  • Try locating your child at your friends or relatives place, etc
  • If you find no trace at all, then you must report a case of abduction at the local law office
  • Prevent anyone else to enter your home till the law officers come and investigate your place and collect some evidence which may prove helpful
  • Try giving as much information to the law officers
  • Insist and ensure that your childai??i??s name and identifying information is entered in the National Crime Information Center Missing Person File
  • You can also the nearest helpline, that is, 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) to look for other alternatives available

Children go missing and you are never able to realize how and why. Well, this happens when you are unaware of the circumstances that could leave your child lost and missing. Studies reveal a recurring trend of abductions to be the result of:

  • Runaways
  • Family abductions
  • Lost, injured and missing children
  • No-family abductions

This clearly shows that children are prone to face such situations, due to tensions or disagreements that surface from time to time at home. Here, the task of parents would be to understand the needs of their child and try fulfilling them in the best possible way. Close family ties and healthy communication between your spouse and children can help in preventing this situation.

NOTE:Make your child note down all the important telephone numbers