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How to Avoid Behavior Problems in Kids

There are millions of kids who suffer from behavior problems, and these can be very problematic for parents. These problems should be handled with care […]

Anise Seed Water for Babies

There are various other names for anise seeds like Aniseed or Pimpernel seeds which are obtained fromAi??Pimpinella anisum, belonging to parsley family. Anise seeds are […]

How to Treat Bone Bruising in Children?

A fall or an impact on an area of the body can sometimes result in a bone bruise.Ai?? Such injuries are painful and can swell […]

Yeast Allergy Symptoms in Children

A yeast allergy is one of the common allergies in children. Yeast is a fungus which is present in the body in a balanced amount. […]

Chocolate Allergy Symptoms in Children

Allergic reactions are common among children because not all foods or the ingredients present in them are suitable for them to eat because their immune […]

Good Personal Hygiene Tips for Children

Kids are generally exploratory and playful and they indulge in various activities and behaviors. Thus, they tend to get dirty and if they have poor […]

How to Care for Children with Autism

Autism is a disorder in which kids have vastly greater or more abilities in few or all areas. Parents of an autistic child need to […]

7 Most Common Food Allergens in Children

There are many foods which act as allergens for kids, depending on a childai??i??s intolerance and sensitivity to certain foods. These food allergens can cause […]

Causes of Leukemia in Children

Scientists are unable to find the exact cause of leukemia. The causes of leukemia in children can vary from one child to the other. Leukemia […]

Treatment for Dental Caries in Children

Treatment for dental caries, which includes cavities and tooth decay, differs from patient to patient, depending on the type and severity of the condition. The […]