Brain Games to Play with your Baby

Playing with your child develops his brain capacity and you get an opportunity to nurture a bond with your baby. Research shows that cuddling, rocking, singing, and nuzzling a baby helps his brain grow.

Games for a new born to 3 months baby

  • Speak in parentese with your baby. Parentese is when you speak with your baby in a higher-pitched voice and more slowly than normal, with clear pauses at the end of your sentences. You exaggerate your annotation, adopt a sing-song voice that emphasises words, you repeat words and keep them short and simple.
  • Hold your baby close to you, look into his eyes and say loving, nice things to him. Make him feel secure, it is required for his growth.
  • Call out his name from one side of his crib and then call out from the other side
  • Play some soothing music for your baby to his splendour and delight
  • Kiss or blow your babyai??i??s little palms, knees, elbows, toes, etc.
  • Move around an attractive toy and see how your baby tries to follow its path with his eyes.
  • Make funny noises or faces, your baby will love it. Cough, sing a song with big mouth actions, stick out your tongue, etc.
  • Hold a rattle, move it around the room and sing a song
  • Recite poems and rhymes throughout the day. Describe what you are doing during the day.
  • Roll balls towards your baby. They love it.
  • Move your babyai??i??s legs in a bicycle movement. It is also a good exercise.

Games for 3-9 months baby

  • Choo-Choo train goes up, move your fingers up your babyai??i??s body. Choo-choo train goes down.
    Hold your babyai??i??s arms gently and lift them to sing ai???a plane flies up up upai??i??and lands down down down. You could do this lifting other parts of your babyai??i??s body gently.
  • Make noises together, such as, woof, ma ma, ba ba, etc
  • Sing ai???pop goes the weaselai??? with a loud clap at the ai???popai???.
  • Gently bounce the baby on your lap
  • Gently push the baby in a wheelbarrow position when he begins to lie on his tummy. It is a good exercise for the baby and prepares him to start crawling.
  • Help him shake a rattle and listen to its sound
  • Hide a toy under his sheet, blanket, or pillow and then ask for it. Take it out with a sudden smile and enjoy his delighted coos.
  • Teach your baby to wave and say good bye. Say good bye to almost everything, like the aeroplane, daddy going to work, friends, birds flying, etc.
  • Help your baby climb stack of pillows
  • Give your baby peas and carrots to play with, he will learn to grasp them with his little finger and thumb gradually.

Games for 9-12 months baby

  • In and out games are fun at this age. Taking out toys from a basket, or taking out rice, tomatoes, utensils and then putting them back.
  • Outside exploration helps widen the babyai??i??s perspective of the world around him. Trips to the playground where he can see, feel, an smell the grass, flowers, and trees. Observing other kids playing, swings, birds, ducks can keep your baby delighted for hours. You could roll together in grass and enjoy the prickly feel of it.
  • Teach your child to kick a ball and bounce it.
  • Your baby will love to copy you at this age, so make faces and noises and wait for him to do it back to you.
  • Read out books with pictures of objects of his interest. Repeat the same book(s) so that the child feels in control and enjoys a familiar book reading routine.