Bed Wetting

It is obvious that an infant will wet the bed. But bed wetting takes the shape of a problem when even after crossing a certain age the child continues to wet the bed during sleep.

  • The Medical Science defines bedwetting as a problem in girls if they continue with it after reaching the age of four. And for the boys five years is the maximum age-limit.
  • But researches have also shown that nearly 10% of children wet the bed at six years of age. Sometimes this is continued till fourteen years though the percentage is only three.

Bed wetting or enuresis: The cause
Enuresis or bed wetting can take the shape of a chronic disorder. Young children wetting beds become an embarrassing issue for them and their families. Where lays the root of such a defect? Why are those kids incapable of having a control over their urinary system? Above all why the problem occurs during nights in sleep?

  • The problem has a direct relation to the growth of the urinary organs.
  • The size and functioning of the urinary bladder matters a lot in the control of the urination process.
  • When there is an urge to go to toilet, the bladder has the controlling capacity till the moment you find the suitable place to release. When you create an unnecessary pressure on the control the bladder starts aching.
  • In cases when the bladder has not developed in a matured way, the control over the urinal passage does not remain. This is exactly what is wrong with the young children who continue to wet beds at night.

Sleeping pattern: A big factor

  • Apart from the bladder defect, the sleeping style is a big cause for bed wetting. In deep sleep the child is unable to make out that he/she needs to get up and go to the toilet.
  • In most cases the children dream that they are urinating in the right place and wet the beds in illusion.

Enuresis: The controlling cure
You will have to help your child overcome this problem. The treatment has two aspects. Right medication is to be given, but more important is that a behavioural change has to be built up in the child.

  • Exercises to control passing of urine: The retention capacity of urine has to be increased. Ask the kid to hold the urine for more time when there is an urge. This practice in the day hours will become a habit even at sleep and the control power will be enhanced.
  • Wake up at night: Call your child at night once or twice to go to toilet. Slowly he will develop the biological need of getting up on his own. Put alarms if possible.

Medical treatment

  • Imipramine and Desmpressin acetate are two important medicines for curing bed wetting in young boys and girls.
  • The first drug helps the child to sleep well and improve the bladder function.
  • The other one plays key role in urine formation. When the production of urine is less, automatically the scope of bladder overfilling is reduced.

Medicines are only temporary solutions. But the practice to control has to be developed at any cost if you want your kid to give up the habit of wetting bed after crossing certain age.