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How to Write a Process Essay

How to Write a Process Essay

A process essay explicates how to accomplish a task or how something operates. The aim of a process essay is to explain to the reader how to complete a task.The directions given in the essay should be easy to follow and should enable one to accomplish the task.


The introduction should start by explaining the problem to the reader. The thesis statement should inform the reader how the problem will be solved. This entails outlining the solution to the presented problem in an easy and understandable way.


The body of a process essay should contain a plan including all materials required in order to solve the presented problem. The essay writer should be conversant with the process and should include all the steps which are necessary. These steps should be presented in the right order for the reader to be able to follow. Each step in this case is presented as a topic sentence followed by materials required to complete it. Application of time order transitions is essential in writing a process essay.


The conclusion of a process essay is very similar to the introduction with the main difference been its purpose of reminding the reader of the problem and the steps required to solve it. A conclusion will inform the reader of what they can do if they are faced with a similar problem in the future.

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