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Addictive Personalities

A person with addictive personality traits is addicted to various activities like playing video games, gambling, shop lifting, pornography, drugs, alcohol, and even eating chocolate. This psychological disorder can be very serious and is caused by various circumstances and environmental factors. Each person has his/her own unique personality and reacts differently to different situations.Ai?? While there is no way to predict who will develop an addictive personality and who wonai??i??t, there are some signs and symptoms.Ai?? Some of these are listed below along with different types of addictive personalities.

Types of Addictive Personalities:

  • Anxious personalityAi??ai??i?? People who are diagnosed with anxious or stressed out personalities find it difficult to manage stress. They possess poor management skills and break down easily under pressure. They sometimes turn to drugs, alcohol etc. to overcome their problems and may develop addictions.
  • Passive aggressiveAi??ai??i?? People with this disorder appear to be peaceful and calm on the outside, but they have poor management skills and they try to hide the anger inside of them.
  • Difficulty delaying gratificationAi??ai??i?? People who have difficulty delaying gratification generally focus of short-term goals because they need instant gratification. They tend to find ai???quick fixai??i?? solutions and show impulsive behavior. They also have a tendency towards risks and thrills in life and can easily become addicted to alcohol and drugs.
  • ImmatureAi??ai??i?? Immature adults generally have a child-like outlook towards life. They boast about minor achievements and like the attention they receive from it. These people canai??i??t control their immature behavior and often donai??i??t know how to deal with their feelings.Ai?? They may turn to drugs, alcohol, etc. for temporary relief which could lead to addiction later on.
  • InsecurityAi??ai??i?? People who are insecure find it difficult to form relationships as they canai??i??t trust themselves or anyone else easily. They lack self-confidence, have a constant fear of failure, and often seek othersai??i?? approval in order to overcome their own lack of confidence.
  • Substituting vicesAi??ai??i?? People who substitute vices tend to switch their addiction from one to another when they can no longer continue with their prior addiction. For instance ai??i?? a person gives up smoking and takes up drinking alcohol.
  • Compulsive behaviorAi??ai??i?? People suffering from compulsive behavior often see things as black and white.Ai?? They have a hard time enjoying things in moderation and instead take an all-or-nothing approach towards life. They either feel like they are perfect or flawed.Ai?? Sometimes they feel like they have life perfectly under control and sometimes they feel powerless.Ai?? They may have a tendency toward addiction because once theyai??i??ve started something, they canai??i??t (or donai??i??t want to) stop.
  • Anti-socialAi??ai??i?? People who are anti-social tend to alienate themselves from society and its rules. They lack intimacy and tend to have failing relationships. They easily get addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. Because they lack social support.

Causes of Addictive Personalities

  • People with addictive personalities generally possess obsessive behavior and tend to repeat such behavior because it gives them an adrenalin rush, which they love.
  • Stress is another factor that can lead to addictive personality disorders. People may turn to food, drugs, etc. to quickly cope with stressors in their life.Ai?? If the stress continues, this short term solution could turn into a long-term problem.

Tests for Addictive Personalities

Addictive personality disorders are serious and need to be treated. A doctor may try a few tests to find out the exact psychological problem.Ai?? Some of these tests are listed below:

  • A physical examination will be done to ascertain the weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate etc.
  • A doctor may conduct a test to determine blood count and screen for drug addictions and/or alcoholism.
  • A psychological evaluation test is very important to ascertain patientsai??i?? behavior patterns, relationships, addictive personalities etc.

People suffering from addictive personality disorder may develop dependent personality disorders. If you think you or any member of your family is suffering from this disorder, then visit your doctor for further analysis.


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