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How to Treat A Burn Blister in Children?

Burns can also lead to blisters, thus it is important to treat both the burns and the burn blisters. In this article, there is a brief discussion on how to treat burn blisters in children.

Treating burn blisters
One can follow the instructions which are given below:

  1. Firstly, one should examine a burn blister to know the severity of a burn. If the burn looks very serious then immediately consult your child’s doctor or call a professional. If it doesn’t look so serious then wash the burn with cool water. Avoid using ice, as it can damage the skin and make it more difficult.
  2. The next step you can do is apply herbal remedies, cream or ointment on the affected burn area. The cream helps to ease the pain and also fastens the healing process. One can also use Tylenol, aloe vera, and other creams which help to fasten the healing process.
  3. In most cases of burns, a blister will appear only after several hours of the burn. The treatment for a burn blister includes plenty of air to breath. So, it is best to avoid applying bandage and other things to the burn as it can irritate the burn blister and the skin. One can use a moleskin on your child’s burn, as it acts in an excellent way in treating a burn blister. It helps to protect the blister by healing the blister naturally and do not irritate it. But, cut a small portion in the moleskin before using for the blister.
  4. Lastly one need to check a burn blister frequently, as it can continue to grow further in next few days. If you see the blister popping, it is better to consult a doctor for your child, as he/she uses a sterile needle to break the burn blister. One can continue to use the moleskin on the burn blister till it decreases in size.

One can follow the procedure to treat a burn blister in children. For kids, it is better to take the guidance from a doctor.

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