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What are Internal Hemorrhoid Symptoms in Children?

Hemorrhoids arenai??i??t often dangerous or serious to oneai??i??s health. However, they are not a pleasant Ai??thing. There are two types of hemorrhoids ai??i?? internal and external. In this article there is a brief discussion of internal hemorrhoid symptoms in children.

Internal Hemorrhoid SymptomsAi??
The symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are similar for both children and adults. They are a result of high blood pressure, being unhygienic, and stress.

  • Anal itching pain:Ai??Internal hemorrhoids cause swollen veins which form several lumps within the anus. This cause irritation, itching and pain in the anus.
  • Severe ache or pain in the sensitive region:Ai??The anus is a sensitive area and in internal hemorrhoids veins are blocked and swollen. This causes severe ache or pain in the sensitive region.
  • Blood in the toilet:Ai??Patients suffering with internal hemorrhoids may have this symptom. They may have blood in the toilet.
  • Bleeding from the anus before a bowel movement:Ai??This is the common symptom of internal hemorrhoids. Children who are suffering with this condition may develop bleeding from the anus even before a bowel movement.
  • Blood spots on the pants and on the toilet paper:Ai??As bleeding occurs from the anus, one can notice blood spots on the childai??i??s pants and on the used toilet paper.
  • Pain during bowel movements:Ai??Children with internal hemorrhoids have swollen veins in the anus, thus it becomes difficult for them to pass a bowel movement and they may experience severe pain.
  • Blood in the stools:Ai??This is one of the common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. Children may have blood in the stools.

Patients with serious cases may also show someAi?? other symptoms such as:

  • Blood leaking:Ai??Children with this condition can also experience blood leaking because of internal bleeding from the anus even while not having any bowel movement.
  • Severe difficulty:Ai??Children with this condition have severe difficulty while having a bowel movement. This is because of the swollen blood vessels which block the anus.
  • Prolapsed hemorrhoid:Ai??In this condition, the swollen blood vessels or veins are engorged and they hang out of the anus.

These are few of the common internal hemorrhoid symptoms. If you notice any of the symptoms in your child, it is best Ai??to consult a doctor for a better treatment.

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