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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids in Children?

Hemorrhoids are also referred to as piles. These are engorged or enlarged varicosities (blood vessels) around or in the anus. This condition shows varied signs and symptoms. Some of the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids in children are discussed in this article.

Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids in children

  • Severe rectal pain:Ai??This is one of the common symptoms of hemorrhoids and it mainly occurs with external hemorrhoids. One may experience severe rectal pain when a vein becomes blocked.
  • Feeling of rectal fullness:Ai??The patient can feel the rectal fullness because of the bulging of the hemorrhoid. It also causes discomfort for patients.
  • Feeling of unfinished bowl movement:Ai??In the anal region (the end part of the large intestine) there is a bulging of the hemorrhoid. This causes the feeling of an unfinished bowl movement.
  • Anal mucus discharge:Ai??This is less common. The condition causes the discharge of mucus or blood from the anus.
  • Anal lump:Ai??Blood from the rectum may discharge and harden under the skin as a painful lump. It is referred to as a clotted or thrombosed hemorrhoid.
  • Anal swelling:Ai??The position of the hemorrhoids in the lower part of the large intestine causes the swelling of the anal region.
  • Skin irritation:Ai??When large hemorrhoids bulge from the anus, they also secrete mucus, which causes irritation on the skin.
  • Anal itching:Ai?? Internal hemorrhoids usually seep mucus which causes irritation and itching on the anal skin.
  • Blood on toilet paper:Ai??Children may strain to pass stool if they have this condition and one might notice some streaks of blood present on the toilet paper.
  • Rectal bleeding:Ai??This is common among patients and Ai??is usually due to external hemorrhoids.
  • Blood in stools:Ai??This is also common in patients with internal hemorrhoids. Children may have blood in the stool and/or blood stains on underwear.

These are few of the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids in children.

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