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What are the Causes of Hemorrhoids in Children?

Hemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure on the blood vessels in the rectal and pelvic region. This increased pressure pools up the blood in the blood vessels, causing them to swell. Later on, the swollen blood Ai??vessels stretch the surrounding tissues, and Ai??hemorrhoids develop. Some of the causes for the development of hemorrhoids in children are discussed in this article.

Causes of hemorrhoids in children
Bowel habits which cause increased pressure and eventually lead to hemorrhoid development are:

  • When a child rushes to complete a bowel movement, Ai??it causes excessive strain and greater pressure on the rectal veins.
  • Persistent constipation:Ai?? Can also be a cause for hemorrhoids, because thisAi?? causes increased pressure and excessive strain on the blood vessels in the anal canal.
  • Chronic diarrhea:Ai??Continuous bowel movements may also cause increase pressure and excessive on the veins in the rectal and anal region.

Some of the other factors that can lead to hemorrhoid development are listed below:

  • Being overweight:Ai??Overweight children have a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids. This is the excess weight in the pelvis and abdomen, which can increase pressure on the veins of the pelvic area.
  • Tumors:Ai??This condition occurs rarely. If tumors are formed in the pelvic area, the patients are at a risk of developing hemorrhoids.
  • Medical conditions:Ai??Kids with medical problems such as long-term liver and heart disease have a risk of developing hemorrhoids. The condition causes the blood to pool, enlarging the blood vessels or veins in the pelvic and abdominal area.

These are some of the causes of hemorrhoids in children. If one notices any of the symptoms of the above conditions, it is best to consult a doctor.’>

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