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Causes of Leukemia in Children

Scientists are unable to find the exact cause of leukemia. The causes of leukemia in children can vary from one child to the other. Leukemia in children appears to develop from a series of environmental and genetic factors. Let us see some of the causes of leukemia in children.

Causes of leukemia in children
Some of the disorders which can lead to leukemia in children are listed below:

  • Li-Fraumeni syndrome: It is an autosomal dominant hereditary disorder (can be inherited from a single parent) which is rare.
  • Down syndrome: It is a chromosomal disorder which is caused due to the presence of an extra chromosome.
  • Kleinfelter syndrome: It is a sex chromosome disorder which is the most common. Males with this condition have an extra X chromosome along with XY chromosome.
  • Neurofibromatosis: It is a genetically-inherited disorder. In this condition, the nerve tissues grow tumors which can cause serious damage to the tissues or nerves by compressing them or can be harmless.
  • Alaxia telangectasis: It is a neurodegenerative (loss of progress or functions of the neurons) inherited disease which is caused rarely. It affects various parts of the body and can cause disabilities in patients.
  • Fanconi’s anemia: It is a genetic disordered condition and is very rare.

Some other causes of leukemia in children include:

  • Medication: Some of the medications (such as antibiotics) which are used during cancer treatment or any other disease causes the immune system to suppress. This causes the development of leukemia.
  • Radiations: Pregnant women should never receive radiations as a treatment for any disease. This can cause various diseases in the growing fetus, one such condition is leukemia.
  • Radiations and chemotherapy: Kids who have received radiations or chemotherapy as a treatment for various types of cancer, have a higher chance of developing leukemia.

These are some of the causes of leukemia in children.

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