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What Are the Effects of Love to Your Child?

All human beings have the need to love and to be loved. Love bonds people and generates caring towards others.

Love makes the obstacles of life is easier to be conquered. Love that is given to your child is the most precious gift and is more important than any material things you are able to provide. Just as the love parents receive from their children is greatest reward a parent can have.

Here are the effects of love to your child:


A child who is loved knows that he/she is worthy to be loved. Love and affection are good ways to boost his/her self-respect. In the end, he/she will be a confident person capable of receiving and giving love and affection.

Positive Point of View

A child who is raised with love will view life with enthusiasm. When he/she is facing a life problem, he/she will be able to see the problem from the positive side. A child who has positive attitude toward problems in life will grow to be a person that has the ability to positively influenceAi?? others and the world around them.

Increase Mental Capabilities

Your child be able to develop better interpersonal skills in life. A person who has good communication skill, positive attitude, and good leadership skillsAi?? will be more successful in their career and family life.

Develop Better Relationship

Love makes your child a loving person to any living thing in this world. He/she would have a good sense of sympathy and empathy. The ability to view the world from someone elseai??i??s point of view is essential in the development of a stable, productive and happy adult.


Calmness and rationality are necessities when we are experiencing a problem situation. It will make it easier to analyze the problem, look for the factors which have contributed to the problem, and then create a good solution. A child who has such ability would tolerate dissatisfactions in a better way and develop good problem solving skills. The ability to remain calm and rational during stressful situations will prove to be invaluable for the success of your child later in life.

Respect toward Parents

Your child will be more apt to your listen to your advices ifAi?? he/she has deep respect for you as parents. Your child will be more likely to take your suggestions to heart if they respect you and your opinions.

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