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How Parents Influence the Childrenai??i??s Character

Parents play a significant role in influencing their children. What kind of influence do you want to have on your children? It can be in the form of appearance, perceptions, attitude, and even self-confidence. Foremost, parents should know the two primary ways that parents influence their children:


Through the inheritance, parents influence their children in an unintentional way. Specifically, parents pass on their genes so that the children have specific physical and mental traits which are similar to them. Physical traits are the physical appearance of the children (body structure, hair color, face type, blood group, etc.) whilst mental traits generally refers to the childrenai??i??s intelligence, inquisitiveness, emotion, ambition, and reasoning ability. There have many scientific studies on the influence of genetics over environment. While some qualities are influenced by childrenai??i??s environment, the basic fundamental elements of a childai??i??s personality can be attributed to inherited traits.


Even though genetic traits play a major role in the basic development of a childai??i??s personality, close contact with a childai??i??s parents and other family members helps to shape their individual perceptions; in turn affecting their personality.Ai?? Through contact, parents are able to influence the children positively in several ways. Children make their first contact with their mother while inside the womb. According to several researches, parents can influence their children while they are still inside the womb in order to increase their health and brain development as well. Children in the womb are able to recognize their motherai??i??s voice before they are born. Reading and singing to your unborn baby can aid in brain and personality development. Additionally, the physical and mental health of the mother during pregnancy definitely has significant influences on the childai??i??s development. If the mother is in a stressful or abusive situation during pregnancy, it is more likely that their unborn child will have an aversion to tension and possibly be less out going. Though parents cannot do much about the inheritance factor, they can influence positively through contact.

The perfect time to exert positive influence on your children is when they are still inside the womb until five years of age. Between these times, your children tend to imitate blindly ai??i??this is also the time during which your child is forming their individual perception of the world. As a result, you will create a strong foundation for your childai??i??s personality development.

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