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Tips for Mother: How to Choose a Good Nanny

It is not an easy task to find a good nanny. There are a lot of factors to consider before hiring someone to look after your children when you cannot. As parents it is our job to ensure that our children are protected; ensuring that you hire a qualified trustworthy nanny is an important decision for parents. Ai??So, how do you recognize a good nanny from a bad one?

First of all conduct an interview: Having a face-to-face meeting is a good way to recognize a good nanny. From the interview, you will most likely be able to see her attitude, body language, tone of voice, and personality. First impressions are usually fairly accurate. If you feel uncomfortable during the interview, it is probably an indication that the nanny will not work out for your family. Moreover, you may ask your child to join the interview and see how he/she reacts to the nanny and how the nanny responds to your child as well.


Time is precious and a good nanny knows how to value your time. She arrive for the interview at the time stated or earlier. Punctuality shows a sense of responsibility and respect. If she is unexpectedly late to start the interview and does not call you to let you know that she will be late; chances are this wonai??i??t be the only time.

Dressed Appropriately

Physical appearance says a lot about a person. She should be dressed in clothes which is suitable for child caring and not dating.

Exhibits a Positive Personality

Your nanny candidate should have a good attitude, exhibit polite behavior and show warmth. Going further, does she have eagerness to care for your child? Does she easily engage your child? Conduct a second interview if you still need to be convinced, but trust your instincts. If you still do not feel comfortable, then the nanny probably is not the best fit for your family.

Creative and Provides Feedback

Ask the prospective nanny to explain how she would react to a particular situation. A good nanny should be eager to provide feedback and creative solutions for your problems with your child. If your child seems to get bored, she should know attractive games to cheer your child up and other ways to keep them interested and active.

Good References

Last but not least, having references from happy parents would be a major point in choosing a good nanny. If possible, this point should be the first thing you check. If the candidate does not have a reference yet, you may have to rely solely on criminal and sex offender registry checks.

A good nanny aspires to provide the best for her clientai??i??s needs. It means she will make sure that the child demands more meetings with her. The most reliable way to ensure that you have chosen a good nanny is to watch your child and how they interact with the nanny. If your child is happy and comfortable, you can be confident that you picked a good nanny.

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  1. In today’s society, finding quality childcare is important to so many families Рno matter where you live. Here are some of the most important things for you to consider when selecting a new nanny for your children.

    1. The nanny should be able to relate easily and bond well with your children while also maintaining a clear distinction from them. Nannies must be able to play with and enjoy your children (which can often be construed by the child as peer-level interaction) while also maintaining discipline. It is easy for a nanny (and a parent) to feel more comfortable in one role or the other: to be most comfortable being friends with the children, or to be most comfortable supervising the children and redirecting their errant behaviors. Parents and nannies must have a shared understanding of how to navigate both roles successfully and strike a balance between peer-level interaction and parent-level interaction with the children.

    2. The nanny must be able to relate with your family.

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