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How to deal with a slow learner?

There are many issues that can arise when a child is a slower learner. Teachers have a tough time handling these types of learners, who require more patience and time. Many slow learners have problems with language development, and therefore, it becomes very important for a child to learn the art of reading and understanding the language.

Some children belong to families where English is not their mother tongue. These children suffer from a cultural disadvantage. To overcome from this, teachers need to work with those children in order to make the child understand and overcome from frustration.

Ways to deal with slow learners:-

  • Do not compare the behavior and abilities of your child with other children .Each and every child is born unique and has their own ways of doing and expressing things
  • See that you give the same food and snacks to all your children. Let their schedule for bedtime, television time and snacks time be the same.
  • Make sure you set same rules and guidelines for all your children.
  • Whenever you want to discuss the learning disability of your slow learner child, see that you discuss it privately. Do not let your other children know about his disabilities.
  • Spend quality time with your child. Spend few minutes with your child alone. Learn about your childai??i??s likes/dislikes
  • Your slow learner child believes and trusts you. Whenever you are talking with them, try to use words that encourage them. Do not criticize them.

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  1. i m a teacher i really want to motivate my weak students .i look for new tactics to remedy this problem

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