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What to do About Spoiled Children

Children who are given every little thing, every little toy or object of their desire, very often become spoiled children very quickly. .They are easy to get along with only if you are able to meet their demands. It has been observed that children whose parents are very lenient with them tend to be very spoiled.

If a child gives any sort of temper tantrums, parents will immediately run towards their child and fulfill their every desire. This ensures the child that they have power over you. This makes children selfish in every situation and in time helps to make the childai??i??s behavior only more unacceptable.

Parents can stop their child from being spoiled. Parents should keep in mind that it is normal if a child cries, feels hungry or frustrated. Giving in to every little demand will only make things worse.

5 Ways To Stop Your Child From Being Spoiled:-

  • Try to discipline your child. This can be very difficult to discipline a child between the ages of 2 years to 12 years of age. Whether you are a single parent or a step parent, it becomes necessary for everyone to follow the same rules.
  • As said earlier, crying is a normal behavior. Whenever you see your child crying or feeling hungry, do not go and give them a chocolate or the toy. By doing this, your child will learn that anytime they cry, you will give them candy or a toy, which is not possible to do all the time.
  • Be flexible whenever you set rules and guidelines. Allow your child to express their feelings. Communicate with your child clearly. Set rules which are easy and fun to follow.
  • Leave your child alone occasionally, when they are angry or frustrated. Let your little one struggle on his own to get through his stressful situations. Make sure that you do not over-praise your child. Be positive and always supportive. .
  • You must teach your child that life is all about give-and-take.. Sometimes, your child becomes so selfish that they believe in taking and not giving. Try not to make your childai??i??s wishes the number one priority. This will teach them that their world doesnai??i??t revolve around them. Otherwise, you will have a spoiled child on your hands. .

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  1. My child was spoiled by his grandma he is now three going on four in march2011 he wont act that way with me and his dad when we are home but iwhen we go to her house he cuts up like a totally different kid consistant whinning that erks our nerves what do we do? Help please…..!

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