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Dog and Cat Flea Tapeworm Infection in Children

Dipylidiumcaninum is the most common kind of tapeworm that dog and cats can get. This infection is commonly found everywhere. They get infected when they swallow a flea, which is infected with tapeworm larvae.

It develops into an adult tapeworm when the flea is being digested by the tapeworm. Children, while playing in the sand, may accidentally swallow that flea and get infected. Children easily get infected by this kind of tapeworm.

Symptoms Of Dog And Cat Flea Tapeworm Infection In Children:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Restlessness
  • Itching in the anal area
  • Cramping
  • Proglottids near the anal area or stuck in the skin of your child

Treatment for Children Infected by Dog and Cat Flea Tapeworm Infection:

There is a very simple and easy treatment for the pets and children to get rid from this infection. It is a very effective treatment. Praziquantel is a drug which is being given to the pet orally or through injection. The tapeworm will get dissolved in the intestine. It is not visible in your dogai??i??s stool because it has already being digested. This medication is tolerable by the pets.

Prevention from Dog and Cat Flea Tapeworm Infection in Children:

  • You can always consult your Veterinarian doctor in order to control fleas on your pet.
  • If you see that your pet is having a tapeworm, go and get your pet checked by the veterinarian.
  • Make sure to keep your pets neat and clean.
  • Donai??i??t take your child where you find animal feces.
  • Always make sure that your child washes his/her hands after playing with the pets.
  • Go to your doctor and get a proper diagnosis if you find any infection in your child.
  • Keep your outdoor and indoor environment free from fleas.

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