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Baby Vomiting

Vomiting happens due to illness or indigestion in babies and infants. It is not a serious problem as long as your baby is fine and free from other serious problems. It is a common problem seen in babies, infants and children.

When babies are sick, they generally lose their taste in a drastic way. If the baby vomits and throws up food, it can become a serious problem. The baby wonai??i??t get proper nourishment. Ai??Vomiting is a common problem but it can be dangerous if it is not treated properly.

Causes Of Baby Vomiting:

  • Vomiting usually happens to infants and babies because their digestive system is not developed and most of the time they are lying down.
  • Some of the common causes observed in children are acidity, indigestion and worms.
  • Sometimes diseases like typhoid, enteritis, and cholera can also lead to baby vomiting problems.
  • Vomiting is not a disease. It is a symptom and becomes dangerous when the baby vomit shows blood, abnormal color, or a dark greenish color. It means that your child has taken something which has poison in it.

Symptoms Of Baby Vomiting:-

  • Too muchAi?? watering in the childai??i??s mouth
  • If your baby is not feeling comfortable in the stomach
  • Pain in the stomach and abdomen

Treatment for Baby Vomiting:-

  • Burping plays a vital role in infants. By burping, the milk that has been given to the baby goes down in the stomach without letting anything in the food pipe.
  • Always boil the water before giving it to your child. It will prevent spreading of infections. Also, keep givingAi?? food to your child and keep some empty place in your childai??i??s stomach.
  • Instead of giving larger meals to the baby, give food in intervals. Give your child food by maintaining the gap between the meals given.
  • You can give your child medications such as syrup and injections that are anti-vomiting. Intravenous fluids can be given when the problem is very serious.

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  1. countinously vomiting problem in my baby after giving him different different anti vomiting syrup nothing is happening please suggest.

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