Child care

Regression In Children

Most of the younger children face difficulty in communicating certain desires and needs to their parents. Making this a habit will lead toAi??regression,Ai??in the long run. Hence to avoid such situations, it is strongly recommended for the parents to analyze and understand their childrenai??i??s behavior.

Sometimes a sudden loss of a very important thing or a traumatic experience will provoke insecure emotions in the child, for which they are not ready for at all. Psychologically they feel insecure, angry, or scared, and they slowly move into a state of regression.


is a phase where a child shows an infantile behavior by going back from the matured state to the infant stage.

In any way a child exhibiting regression development is not a good sign. So the parents have to give the out-most love and undivided attention to their kids to show them how important they are to their parents.

Every child wants his activities and developments to be acknowledged and appreciated by the parents. By doing so, it will encourage, motivate and help the kids to behave and act more appropriately.

The best way to help your kid is to talk to them regarding their problem in understand and communicating. Give them some advices and alternative methods, on how to express what they are feeling.

Well, most children experience a state of regression in their lifetime, but overcoming this problem will be possible only if the parents understand them, and seek professional help to their kids.

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