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6 Important Vaccines for Children

The medical science field is growing rapidly and is able to create vaccines for most diseases. The purpose of developing a vaccine is to use them against various diseases and increase the life span of a person.

Important Vaccines:

Triple vaccine:Ai??This vaccine is technically known as DTP (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) and commonly known as a triple antigen. A child between two months and nine months should be given the triple antigen vaccination at three intervals.

Double vaccine:Ai??After giving the triple vaccine to the child, and to reinforce the vaccine, booster doses are to be given at the age of eighteen months, three years, five years, and fourteen years. This double vaccine consists of DT (diphtheria and tetanus), as pertussis is not required for kids past ten years of age.

BCG vaccine:Ai??This vaccine can be given at any time, but preferably within the first year. This vaccine resists tuberculosis.

Polio vaccine:Ai??This vaccine is created to fight against three types of viruses that cause poliomyelitis. Children who are already attacked by the virus can also benefit. This vaccine can be given from the third month onward in three to five doses.

Measles vaccine: This vaccineAi??is made to fight against the measles disease, and is given between the ages of nine months to two years.

MMR vaccine:
Ai??This vaccine is given between the ages of nine months to two years, to protect from diseases like mumps, rubella, and measles.

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