Child care

Hiring Childcare Employees/Workers

Bringing up children is a very large responsibility and one of the most challenging jobs. When parents are away from a child, the child needs a trusted person to care for them. Children need love, empathy and tolerance. A child care worker is more than just a mere babysitter or teacher in school to your child. He/she isAi?? a person that helps to mold his/her character by constant association. Hence, it is critical to carefully choose a child care employee who is of spotless character, loving and also meets the high standards of the business of childcare. This article outlines few guidelines on how toAi??hire child care employeeAi??or worker.

Child care workers are classified into three groups based on their work place:

Private household workers, who care for children at the childrenai??i??s home
Family child care providers, who care for children in the providerai??i??s own home
Child care workers, who work at separate child care centers

Generally, private household workers and family child care providers are hired by reference through a trusted person, such as friends, family, or neighbors. But the professional child care workers in child care centers are usually required to undergo a recruitment process according to the management strategies of the child care center and state regulations.

Several aspects should be considered while hiring a professional child care provider. They include:

  • Education and Training of the worker
  • Credentials like Child Development Associate credential or diploma in child development and child care settings
  • Licensure for caring more than a few children
  • Certifications from Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or the Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) designation from the Council for Professional Recognition and the National Child Care Association will be added advantage

In any case, one needs to have a thorough criminal and sex offender background checks, as well as an investigation into any cases of child abuse or neglect regarding the person whom you are entrusting your child to. Make sure that his/her records are clean. The worker might have criminal records, as well as child abuse cases that should prevent them from having close contact with children. Remember that your childai??i??s future rests on the quality of the child care service they receive.

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