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Teenage Hormones

Hormones are secretions which perform many activities in the body. Hormones are secreted from various organs. The whole system is known as Endocrine System. Hormones are essential for the growth of the male and female body. Hormones are responsible for bringing about the changes which a male or female undergoes after attaining ai???Pubertyai??i??. Some of the major hormones responsible for bringing about a change in males and females are discussed below.

TeenageAi??Female Hormones:
Females have two major hormones which are absent in males. These two hormones are- estrogen and progesterone. The functions of both are discussed below.

Functions Of Estrogen:
This hormone has a greater role before the menstrual cycle begins. Once the menstrual cycle begins, its utility also declines. Some of the major functions of estrogen are:

  • It is responsible for transforming a female fetus into a young baby girl and later a woman.
  • It is a fertility hormone so it helps in the growth of endometrial tissues which forms the nest for fertilized eggs.
  • It helps in retaining bone calcium
  • Estrogen has to be in balanced order as it prevents mood swings, painful cramping menstruation and more problems in later womanhood.
  • If there is excessive production of this hormone then it will result in swelling, and tenderness of the breast and stomach.

Functions Of Progesterone:
It is present in the second half of menstrual cycle and:

  • It maintains fertilized eggs if there are any.
  • It mainly prepares for and supports pregnancy. Without it, immediate miscarriage can take place.
  • It very essential for the embryo and throughout the gestational period.
  • It stimulates bone growth maintains sugar levels in women and also maintains the level of zinc and copper in blood and thus plays a vital role in immune system maintenance

Progesterone has many more functions but the most important role it has in pregnancy. Right from conceiving up to the birth of child, it is this hormone which manages everything.

Teenage Male Hormones:
The hormone which is responsible for puberty in males is ai???testosteroneai??i??. Functions of this hormone are discussed below:

  • This hormone is produced by the testes in the male body, which lie dormant until puberty. At the onset of puberty, this part grows and starts secreting the hormone which, in turn, becomes responsible for other changes.
  • This hormone promotes growth of hair on face, underarms, abdomen, pubis, chest and increases larynx which results in adult male voice becomes lower or cracking.
  • It increases protein content of muscles, bone and skin

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