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How to Stop Kids from Using Bad Language

Kids learn many new words by listening and repeating. They might also listen to bad language that comes from siblings, friends, television or from other sources and they pick it up and use it. Stopping such language can become a huge concern for parents.

Parents need to be aware of the fact that kids do not understand that foul language can hurt the other person. Parents need to convey this fact and gently make them stop using bad language.

How to Stop Kids From Using Bad Language:
Here are few tips to stop kids from using bad language:

  • Explain:Ai??Parents need to explain to their kids why bad language is not acceptable. Giving reasons for not using bad language works better than shouting at them, or punishing them. You can explain by giving reasons, Ai??such as bad language hurts other people, it gives a bad reputation in school, etc.
  • Inquire:Ai??Find out where your child is learning the bad language. The source of bad language can be friends, siblings, or relatives. Once you learn about the source, you can control with whom your child associates with.
  • Set an Example:Ai??If parents or other members in the house use bad language, kids may feel such language is acceptable. Set an example by stopping the use of such language yourself. You can also politely ask your relatives or friends to avoid using such language.
  • Set the rules:Ai??Discuss with your child the proper use of words, the words which are acceptable and those that are not acceptable. You would have to stress the fact that your family does not believe in using bad language. By discussing the rules with them, you will help your kids to be accountable with their words.

Parents should understand that kids are easily influenced and they should handle this situation in a gentle and proper way. Discussion, explanation and keeping them away from bad influences will be helpful to stopping kids from using bad language.

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