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Why Ban Child Labor?a

A healthy child should enjoy life and not be employed under appalling conditions. In several underdeveloped and developing countries, many children below the age of 14 are forced to work and miss out on the fun in life. And it is educated people in these countries who are employing the children to get maximum work out of them by paying less. The strength of a nation depends upon the healthy growth of its child. Affected governments need to ensure the physical and emotional development of their children. Child labor should be banned completely. Letai??i??s take a look at why.

Why Should Child Labor be Banned?

  • Children can be exploited emotionally and physically.
  • A child is deprived of play and recreational activities, which are essential for the healthy development of a childai??i??s mind.
  • Children who work cannot attend school and are deprived of education.
  • Tedious, detail-oriented work is often assigned to children. In many work places, these exploited children are physicallyAi??abused.Ai??The employer mistreats the child, physically beats him or her up and verbally abuses the child.
  • ChildAi??traffickingAi??is a worldwide phenomenon and many human traffic racketeers make money by supplying children to prospective employers.
  • Children have the right to enjoy life. Life should be full of fun and acquiring knowledge, not working in a dingy room or under the hot sun.

Efforts on to Ban Child Labor

  • UNICEF, ILO and World Bank have taken a holistic or systemic approach to prevent children from being deprived of their education and their childhood.
  • Advocates of human rights have raised their voices against child labor.
  • Concerned Governments have passed necessary legislation to ensure children attend school and are not forced to work.
  • Media has played a major role in highlighting child labor issues.

Much needs to be done to eradicate child labor completely. Children still continue to be exploited despite conscious efforts to ensure a child is not forced to work. Let us hope for the day when every child in the world will have a smile on his or her face and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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