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Preschool: A Grooming Place for the Child

Parents prefer sending their child to a preschool. A child should be groomed before attending regular school. A working mother also finds it convenient to send her child to a preschool versus hiring a babysitter. A preschool teaches as well as helps the child develop talents. It prepares the child Ai??to make the transition to regular school an easy one. Parents prefer their child to be educated as early as possible. A growing child may feel restless at home. Preschool activities will keep him or her well- occupied.

Benefits of Preschool

  • The art classes in preschool teach the child to be creative. They learn to paint and create artworks that develop their intellect.
  • The child interacts with other children and learns more from them. At home, his or her interactions may be limited to the family.
  • Social skills are developed at preschool. The child learns to deal with other children. Also, his or her conversational skills will improve.
  • Motor skills are also developed.
  • It is a place of fun. The child plays with other kids and is mentally and physically active.
  • The environment stimulates the mind of the child towards learning.
  • A preschool promotes imagination, healthy expression, and individual creativity in the child.
  • By attending a preschool, a child starts learning to be independent. He or she is in the company of his or her age group. The dependence upon parents is less.
  • Children learn to adjust to a routine.
  • Educational television and computer games also enable a child to learn and grow in preschool.
  • A preschool-educated child performs better in regular school. He or she is able to read better.
  • Children are exposed to cognitive processes early in life.

Many parents are sending their small child to a preschool for an early education. Working parents prefer a preschool, as they feel their child will learn more rather than being at home. Children at preschool are under the supervision of experienced teachers and pick-up necessary skills for proper adjustment in regular schools.

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