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Is Bottle Feeding Safe for Your Baby?

Bottle Feeding


According to statistics, a non-breastfed baby is 25 times more likely to die of diarrhea than a baby
months consists purely of breast milk. Children who are breast-fed are found to be more intelligent and they also have better bonding with their mothers. Doctors also say that breast feeding is good for a newborn childai??i??s health. Bottle feeding is not very safe for your child and there are some problems faced by mothers who constantly use bottle feeding for their babies.

Here are Some Disadvantages of Bottle Feeding:

  • Bottle fed babies are prone to falling ill very fast.
  • Feeding the baby with a bottle will affect the health of the baby.
  • These babies are likely to develop malnutrition, meningitis, severe respiratory infection, cancer, polio, eczema, caries teeth, coronary artery disease, insulin dependent diabetes etc.
  • Powdered milk also is not entirely safe for aAi?? baby. If it is not mixed properly, over dilution could result in severe malnutrition
  • Concentrated feeds are not healthy and could result in obesity and hyperrnatremiawhich can be associated with weakness or seizures.
  • Bottle feeding can also be dangerous;if the sanitation is not good, bottle fed babies could fall ill due to infection.
  • Some baby foods are considered to be as good as motherai??i??s milk butthatai??i??s not true. There can be no substitute to motherai??i??smilk.
  • Another important drawback of bottle feeding is that you will not know if your baby is getting enough milk or not.

If you are bottle feeding your baby, the most important thing you have to consider is cleanliness. Proper sanitation and correct mixing must be followed in order to be sure that the milk you feed your baby is safe. However, Ai??bottle feeding should be minimized and your baby should be given motherai??i??s milk for the baby to be healthy.’>

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